Today the Triplets are 6.5 months old, as you may remember they arrived at The GLO following the death of their mother at birth leaving a further five siblingsin the care of their impoverished father. What a difference six months have made, the little girls who arrived with us weighing under 2kg are now blossoming into three very healthy girls. Mary and Lydia now weigh 7Kg with Charlotte a little bit lighter at over 6kg.

Fast asleep triplets

They can sit up now with a little support and we are very happy to say that they can respond to their names with a smile. At the same time, they have started grabbing things around them and the other children encourage them to clap & laugh. Flynn House is such a happy place with the girls as the newest additions.

Triplets May 2015

The Triplets are good babies and only cry when hungry or uncomfortable, thankfully they are also very healthy and apart from the usual monthly check-ups very rarely attend the doctor. They sleep very well at night but still wake up three times for feeding. Mary and Lydia are always smiling whilst Charlotte is more serious but very alert.

Triplets May 2015

They are very well cared from by Mama Mapenzi, Auntie Stella, Auntie Elvira and big sisters Naomi and Janie. Again The GLO with your help and support have provided a lifeline for these triplets who without your ongoing donations would not have survived.

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