Playing is one of the most important things you can do with your child. The time spent on play gives the child lots of different ways and times to learn. Playing also helps the child to: build confidence, make friends, feel loved, happy and safe, develop social skills-language, communication, and learn about caring for others and the environment hence develop physical skills.

Jenny having a chat with our children & mama mapenzi

Joshua with the children

Our children had a memorable afternoon on Saturday, 13th June, 2015 following an invitation to attend a Kids fun day in MBEWAU academy which is one of our closest neighboring schools. The event was planned by a group of volunteers from America who had visited MBEWAU Academy and felt that all the children from within the community would come together, interact and have some fun. Our children prepared themselves early enough and immediately after lunch they all started their journey to the venue which is almost thirty minutes walk from our premises.

Jenny doing the facepainting

Art & craft class

Upon arrival at the venue, we were given a very warm welcome and all children were invited to participate in different plays of their choices. There was bouncing castle, bubbling, volleyball, football, face painting, coloring and “fishing magic”. They enjoyed all the games although they didn’t participate in football and volley as this was left for the eldest children and adults. The “fishing magic game” attracted attention of most of the children since it was a very new game for them. A piece of cloth had been placed at one of the classroom door and all the windows were closed such that no child could see inside, then the children using a local devised fishing rod and a hook fished out some gifts that were being placed on the hook by someone who was in that classroom and the children could not see him/her!

Time for games

Caleb with the ballons

After playing all the children gathered in one place and one of the volunteers who is an Evangelist gave out some advice to the kids quoting some versus from the Holy Bible. They received blessings and were all thankful for everything. After the prayers we left for home at around 5:00 pm.

Happy Days

I Hemed Juma on behalf of all The GLO founders, trustees, staff & children salute the recognition of the valuable and priceless contribution of our special friends Joshua and Jenny who invited us for this event. God Bless you all.

Nyevu enjoying  the day