Many students require some form of stimulus to activate, provide direction for, and encourage persistence in their study and learning efforts. Motivation is this energy to study, to learn and achieve and to maintain these positive behaviours over time. Motivation is what stimulates students to acquire, transform and use knowledge. Based on these precepts, SBM organised a luncheon for the students who had excelled well in the end of term exams.

Kuku & chapati

On this occasion, the students and the teachers share a special meal which is hard to come by in many homes. This term we decided to offer our children chicken stew and chapati, a common meal in well to do families but just a mirage in many of our children’s homes due to their impoverished state. As the SBM family, our school environment is solely based on motivating our children to greater academic performance with greater emphasis on actualizing intrinsic motivation. We do depend mainly on rewards and positive incentives rather than sanctions and punishments to nurture the love for education.

Happy faces at achiever's party

The nature of the school environment has a significant impact in shaping children’s beliefs and attitudes towards learning. When children from humble backgrounds experience an environment that fosters self-worth and encouragement, they will too be getting the message that learning is a satisfactory and worthwhile endeavour.

Achiever's Party

For this reason, the students always have a smile at the release of each exam results. Those who have attained the first three positions and the most improved student in the class, will definitely enjoy a sumptuous meal with the teachers. The goal being to commend their hard earned success and to also remind them that they need to strive always for the best.

Dorothy at the helm

As always Madam Dorothy was onhand to oversee the proceedings with the teachers enjoying the special luncheon also. With the arrival of our new bus we are hoping to widen our scope of motivation to include other enjoyable activities like a day out swimming or academic field trips although for many of the children a good substantial meal is the best reward they can receive.

Teachers enjoying their lunch

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