Counselling is an integral part of our school program. Students are usually given advice on how to deal with emotional, personal and educational challenges both in school and at home and how to incorporate them in their daily lives. The onus of ensuring that our students exude problem solving skills , ability to cope with different situations facing them in their school life, for instance, how to relate with their peers and upholding a high sense of discipline and character lies squarely on The Guidance and Counselling Department.

Our Class 8 Pupils

It is for this reason that on Saturday 13th June 2015, the department hosted the first ever and most successful counselling session for our students. We invited counsellor Dorcas from Amani Counselling Centre Mombasa, who partnered with counsellor Lucy to take our children from clases six to eight through the sessions that began at 0900hrs to 1330hrs.

Lucy, Dorcas, Teacher Paula & Teacher Joe lead the session

The two able counsellors divided the students into smaller manageable numbers in order to have a comprehensive session dealing with two major aspects of the students life: Relationships and sexuality. This open forum also accorded our students an opportunity to talk about various things which they feel uncomfortable talking about with their parents. It also enabled the students undergoing difficulty their lives a place to ask questions and seek clarity from the two counsellors.

Dorcas leading the counselling session

After the sessions, the students, teachers present and the counsellors had a common lunch at the cafeteria. With the success of these maiden sessions, we decided to host similar sessions on a monthly basis to assist our kids have a platform to offload the heavy oodles from their lives.

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