It was in the evening on Thursday 19th June during our half term break when my Mother, Mama Mapenzi told me that eight preteens will be going to the Market and I was one of them. I felt happy as a King. I budgeted for the items that I was to buy as I had been given one thousand shillings(£8.00). I started by listing all items: 2 Kg of rice, 1 Kg of fish, onions, ¾ kg of meat, garlic onions, sugar, 2 kg maize flour, pilau ingredients and tomatoes which balanced well with the money I had been given. It was my first time to hold a one thousand note with my hand as I had never been given one thousand before.

Our keen shoppers

Ali cooking fish soup

We went to the market on Friday morning and we woke up very early to prepare ourselves before the early bird caught the worm. I washed my body, brushed my teeth and then we started the journey to the market at 6:00 am. We arrived at the market at around 7:00 am. Mama Tuita was helping us to do the shopping. After doing the shopping we went back home at around eleven o’clock and I managed to remain with a balance of six shillings after helping my friend Caleb with eight shillings because he had finished all his money.

Ali cooking greens (2)

Ali Lunch

On Saturday we started the cooking. In the morning, I cooked tea and dumplings. At ten o’clock I started to prepare lunch and I cooked fish stew, greens and Ugali. I served all the children, Mama Mapenzi, Auntie Stella & Madam Valentine. At two o’clock I prepared the ingredients for pilau. Then, I cooked pilau and served it in the hot pot.

Prayers  before taking lunch

In the evening, I served my family the Pilau and greens and they all said the meal was very delicious. I thank the GLO management for giving us this chance to learn all these life skills before we move to the transition house.

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