This July has been a very tricky month as a number of our children have been to hospital with different complaints. To begin with Lawrence, he complained about an occasional headache and some vibration like sounds in his head around the area that has a shunt. We were all worried when he mentioned the problem because we feared could be the shunt which was getting shorter hence might need to be fixed with a longer one which meant him travelling to Nairobi for another operation!

MRI Scan for Lawrence

Thank God after being referred to Portreitz hospital (APDK) from Coast General Hospital a CT Scan was done and specialist doctors from Kijabe hospital who visit Mombasa routinely confirmed he was very okay; the headaches had nothing to do with the shunt. This was great news for Lawrence who continues to rule Keogh House and is such an outgoing child at St Bernadette Mary School, against all odds he is making progress on a daily basis.

Mama Domi & Michelle at Portreiz Hospital

Michelle has also suffered a recurring bacterial infection and through special assistance from Dr Duthia she has been improving well day by day and also continues to attend the routine sickle cell clinic at Coast General Hospital. She has been prescribed some additional medicines and will be attending her next appointment in August at the Sickle Cell Clinic.

Uncle Hemed with Kevin & Lawrence

The two children with special needs, Michelle & Lawrence along with Kelvin were assessed by physiotherapist from Portreitz to identify the type of walking supportive devices that are requisite to facilitate their mobility. As always Mama Domi, Mama Delrosa and Mama Mapenzi were onhand to assist with the examinations, they also put the children at ease as they are often very anxious when in the company of new doctors.

Happy Mama's with their children
Baby Gerald was also among those who have been unwell and had long sleepless nights due to pain in his left ear and an itchy skin infection. These skin infections often flare up in the rainy season and at the hottest time of the year, Gerald has been very uncomfortable but after the introduction of new medication he has shown positive progress.

Gerald (1)

Magastone had an ear problem as well, he complained that his right ear was blocked and couldn’t hear properly which was affecting his school performance. He was taken to an ear specialist at Coast General Hospital and his ear was cleaned. We are keeping a keen eye on his ear but to date he has had no further problems.

Mama Domi with Michelle

Our eldest boys, Saidi and Abdhalla have also been unwell, suffering from recurring septic wound and chest pains respectively. They were both taken to Dr Duthia and are all doing well but there are some tests that are yet to be done to identify the major cause of Abdhalla’s chest pains. Both boys have bad scars from wounds they picked up before entering The GLO so we have to ensure they learn to keep themselves clean especially when the temperatures change daily.

Dr Dhutia advises Lucy

Our latest additions in 2015; the triplets (Mary, Lydia & Charlotte), Shainuru and her younger brother Nooro are doing extremely well. The triplets all weighed below 2 kg when they joined The GLO Family following the death of their mother. Mary who is the eldest currently weighs 7.0 Kgs, Lydia is the second born & now the heaviest weighing 7.2 Kg while Charlotte is the last born and lightest weighs 6.3 kgs. Charlotte and Mary recently suffered pneumonia and they all responded very well to treatment. They are all being encouraged to sit up with Lydia being the fastest learning since she can sit comfortably without any support and attempts to crawl.

Triplets From Left Lydia, Mary &Charlotte

Charlotte is the slowest and mostly cries when tired of sitting. They all enjoy their food and are now being introduced to solids, Mama Mapenzi & Auntie Stella along with the children from O’Malley House care so well for these girls.


The other two new children Nooro and Shainuru are siblings who joined the GLO family this year in March. Shainuru is in KG1 and progressing quite well while Nooro is in Baby Class. Shainuru is always a jovial girl and likes sucking her left index finger while Nooro barely smiles and is a no nonsense boy. Both of them are healthy and have only been once at hospital to attend the normal checkups that are usually done to any new admission.

Shainuru & Nooro

Without the ongoing financial support for our medical costs from DAFA, the expertise of Dr Dhutia and the dedication of our GLO Staff many of these vunerable children would not be with us today, we say Asante Sana from everyone as together we are making a difference.