Well it has been a very busy couple of months on the site of our new IT/Technical Block at The Good Life Orphanage & St Bernadette Mary School. Even though the rains have been very heavy and constant, our builder has made remarkable progress and the building is looking amazing!

Starting to take shape

Since our last blog update on the new block in early June you can see just how the building is now taking shape and what a fantastic addition this will be to our project for so many reasons. Firstly the foundations were excavated by the hard working team onsite, then steel & concrete were placed in the foundations before the large coral block were laid by the fundis.

Steel & concrete in foundations

Foundations nearly complete

The area was then filled with hardcore and the concrete slab was laid, this is a very important part of the build sequence and must be done meticulously to avoid any problems later on in the build. As always the work was carried out to a very high standard, David Wambau from Vitsos Designs was onhand to check the levels and the quality of the work being carried out.

Concrete Floor Slab 13:07:15

Building coming along 20/07

The experienced bricklayers are now working at a very fast pace, the walls are taking shape and in spite of the heavy rains we are very happy to see our new block arising from the ground. Kevin cannot wait to return to Kenya to see first hand the work and no doubt he will find a few minor flaws as always.

Building Progress 06/08/15

This new block will provide so much more for the the children at The GLO, the pupils at SBM School and also the surrounding area as we plan to open the facilities up for their use as well. They will learn IT Skills, have counselling sessions on various health matters and we plan to provide training in vocational skills. We are also looking for volunteers willing to come and train the staff in these fields, it will be a wonderful asset to a very impoverished area.

Taking Shape 06/08/15

Asante Sana to our donors for making this possible, together we are all making a difference to so many.

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