Motivation and rewards are an integral part of our learning and teaching culture at SBM. When students are rewarded they not only post an upward trajectory in their exam performance but also they enjoy learning, become more reflective about their studies and improve their character.

Motivation Trip 02

Motivation Trip 03

We took out our students (from classes one to eight) who performed well in the mid term exams for an educational trip cum fun filled day on Saturday 11th July. Most of our students have never travelled far from Mtepeni, therefore, we decided to explore the Gede Ruins and The Vasco da Gama Pillar in Malindi.

Motivation Trip 04

Motivation Trip 06

The two historical sites are part of the student’s social studies curricula hence the excursion was significant for SBM students. We also used the same avenue to cultivate and foster a growth mindset which results in the development of critical learner-oriented behaviour.

Motivation Trip 05

Motivation Trip 08

We also rewarded our Kg1-Kg3 students with gift hampers that had important stuff that the kids need but don’t really get in their homes. This included socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste and assorted snacks.

Motivation Trip 09

We’re taking many steps as an institution to boost student achievement which is an important ingredient in our school culture.