In June 2014 a new born baby boy arrived at The Good Life Orphanage, he had been abandoned shortly after his birth and found by some children playing. The baby’s arrival at The GLO was greeted with excitement by the staff and children, he was named Gerald and quickly became the centre of attention in O’Malley House.

Karibu Gerald

After a few health issues including a badly infected umbilical cord, Gerald enjoyed his bottles and kept the Mama & Auntie on their toes as he was a tad demanding but always with a smile on his little face. Gerald also had a very dedicated sponsor in the UK, Susan Farquharson who insisted in sending Liverpool F.C. over to Mombasa with Mama Mary for him. The other children loved to see his new football kits and Gerald in turn always looked very smart (even though it was in the Liverpool colours)!

Baby Gerald 02

As always we can offer our GLO children security, love and an education but we are always aware that being in a family is our ultimate goal for our children and when Little Angels approached us about having Gerald adopted Hemed made sure all the relevant paperwork was in place. Among the couples wanting to adopt, our staff were drawn to a husband & wife from nearby Vipingo who had visited The GLO and Gerald immediately bonded with them.

Bonding time for Gerald

An intense bonding period then started where the Mama came to the orphanage daily and Gerald soon looked forward to seeing Jumwa every morning even calling her Mama. Once this period proved to be successful Hemed made follow up visits to the couple’s home and it was very clear to see that Gerald would be surrounded by a caring extended family who were so excited about his arrival.

Mama Jane & Lucy wish Gerald a good life

Yesterday Kaviha and Jumwa came to finalised the relevant paperwork and Gerald has joined them in their home. We all said our goodbyes and not without a tear as Gerald has been part of The GLO Family for the past fifteen months. On arrival at their home Gerald’s new grandmother, uncle and cousins were waiting to welcome him into the family, it was heartwarming to see their joy at the new addition to their family.

Gerald's new uncle & cousins come to greet him

It was wonderful to see the elation on Kaviha and Jumwa’s faces when they were leaving with Gerald but also a little sad for us all at The GLO as many of the children were asking if they could go home with Gerald and his new parents. Without the ongoing support of our donors this would have been an impossibility and without the support that Kaviha received from his employers again it would have been a dream that never reached fruition.

Happy Days for the family

Our world is full of compassionate and generous people who by their support have allowed The GLO to be a secure and loving enviroment for so many, Gerald’s new life has begun but without the orphanage it could have been a very different story.

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