Anyone working in the education sector in Kenya knows about an exam called KCPE( Kenya Certificate of Primary Education). It is not only an important exam for students but also for all the stakeholders involved in the education sector in Kenya. In it’s quest for transformation in this bush village of Mtepeni, SBM too has been involved in a rigorous process of preparing candidates for the same exam.This is a big milestone for SBM since this will be the third year running the school is sitting for this exam. The first batch of candidates having successfully accomplished the exams in 2013.

Mr Sylvester with our Standard 8 Class

The 2015 KCPE exams is indeed a culmination of a long and arduous journey that the SBM fraternity at large embarked on a couple of years ago. As a school, churning out students at Standard 8 is a sign of tremendous growth, undying commitment and a raging passion to create a change in the lives of the orphaned and children from impoverished backgrounds whose fate in education would have otherwise been a mirage.

Mr Stephen leads the lesson for Standard 8

Students take the exam in the final year of primary and it is on the basis of the KCPE exam that decisions on admission to the limited secondary school places are made. Similarly, the students results are used in predicting students potential for continued learning and occupational competencies later in life. Unfortunately, for many students, secondary school is not actually an option since only primary education is offered free and many children in Kenya cannot afford the high school fees. Nonetheless, the KCPE exam, to many is a gateway to success and a vehicle for economic mobility. The intention of the 8-4-4 system of education is that those who may not wish to further their formal education may exit at this level and join vocational training institutions.

Mr Paul during a science lesson with Standard 8

SBM prides itself at the quantum leap made in shaping a future of many children from humble backgrounds. As our candidates sit for the KCPE 2015, we shall not only have secured for them a light at the end of the tunnel but we also believe that we have awakened a burning desire for true change in this entire village that has previously been entwined in enigmatic cultural practices. The candidates who sit for the exams these year represent a unique group of students who have successfully evaded the government’s education system which is fraught with inherent inequalities and massive shortfalls.

Mr Joe, the class teacher, with his Standard 8 pupils

We would ask you to please support our successful candidates and please offer up a prayer for the class at this time of the year.