My name is Frank Mbuya the son of Nicholas Mbuya a GLO & SMB School Trustee. On 30th November I visited the GLO and stayed there for three weeks with a mission to educate the children and young stars of football on how to play foot ball and how to use computers. The first day there was so much from the kids and they showed love to me. At first I had to sit down with the players both boys and girls and teach them the basics of football and how to play with intelligence. My aim was to nurture their young talents because I see a lot of potential from some of them. We agreed on doing exercises twice per day, in the morning and in the evening. I also had to divide them into two teams without considering the rule of football of having eleven players because some of them are too young to play with the preteens.

Football with the boys

The children had a rough idea on how to play football and I taught them most of the rules and how to play as a team. It was fortunate I came to GLO at the right time as the children were busy preparing themselves for the Kids fun day that took place on 2nd December, 2015. We did our exercises as planned and I started by identifying which position each child is best suited to play and came up with the first team. We had three days to prepare for the kids fun day competition and despite being beaten 2-1, I enjoyed the way they played. Following a donation of footballs by some visitors from Australia who were visiting Umoja Home on the South Coast, we even had a few games of Aussie Rules Football, very different from soccer but very enjoyable as well.

Aussie Rules Football

I also learnt something special about GLO after seeing and interacting with the children from the other orphanages. Sincerely speaking, the children at the Good life are leading a “good life” indeed and the way all the staff treat them is very unique. The moral values that they are taught at GLO, the life style, the environment and everything is very perfect and I have no doubt they are being taken care of more than their biological parents would have done. They have very good foundations and it’s up to them not to waste these special chances they have in their lives.

A busy morning for Frank

I also enjoyed interacting with all the children outside the pitch and I was glad to see even those in kindergarten know how to use computers. I used to supervise them during computer time and they all enjoyed playing computer games and doing different activities using computers. It is very interesting seeing how all the children at GLO have big smiles and are very free to interact with all the staff and guests who visit there. I was also glad to help Uncle Hemed with some typing work. I had a very nice experience at the GLO and I have no doubt I will be always visiting whenever I am free to enjoy my time with the GLO family.

Frank saying bye to all the kids

Thank you Mama Mary and Papa Kevin, all the sponsors, staff and everybody who is working hard to keep the GLO standing and bring hope in lives of those children. May the Almighty God bless you abundantly and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Frank saying bye to the boys

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