My name is Abdhalla Chogo. I am eighteen years old. I have three brothers and three sisters. Before I joined GLO my life was very difficult and I had no hopes of going to school. As my mother did not have money to pay my school fees I was forced to work on the land from being a young age. Sadly my mother died when she was giving birth, the baby did not survive either so I was left with the burden of caring for my siblings without any means or education.

This is where we live

Our family’s plight was referred to the children’s department in Kilifi and my younger brothers & sisters were place at The GLO & Malezi Orphanage. A few weeks later Papa Kevin returned and seeing the sorry state I was in through not eating and having nowhere to call home, I was admitted to The Good Life Orphanage.

The Family of six orphans

All of a sudden my life started to change. I was given a nice bed, nice clothes and good food. I also started going to Imara School but was transferred to St Bernadette Mary School where I became the assistant head boy. We have very good teachers and got everything required for learning. Last year, I was given a bicycle as a present because I was a disciplined boy.I did my KCPE exam last month and I am waiting to see my results.

Well deserved Abdullah

The GLO has completely changed me and I am now a good man who knows how to respect people. I thank Papa Kevin, Mama Mary and Mama Bridget who is my sponsor for supporting me until I finished primary school. Also I thank the Management, all the mamas and aunties who have been taking good care of me. I know it is your support that has made me reach this far.

Abdullah with Mr Nzaro

I again thank Papa Kevin who found a place for me to learn as an apprentice at Kilifi. I will be working as a welder. I visited the workshop with Papa Kevin & Uncle Hemed and I saw my boss who is a very good man. Also I met new people who will be my friends when I start my job in January 2016. I will work hard to learn this job and when I get my monthly salary I will start saving to build a house at home so that my brothers and sisters will have a place to sleep when they come for home visit.

Abduallah with Papa Kevin

I will never forget Goodlife in all my life and God bless Mama Mary, Papa Kevin, Mama Bridget, Madam Mercy, Uncle Hemed, Madam Lucy, Madam Valentine, Teachers and everybody at GLO and SBM. I will always remember you for changing my life.

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