My name is Cynthia Achieng Chebet. In January 2016 I am going to STD 5 at St Bernadette Mary School. I was position 9 with 414 out of 500 marks in the end of term three exams. I am the oldest girl at The Good Life Orphanage and have been here since August 2010.

Brian & his sister Chabetty reunited

I live in Keogh House with Mama Delrosa who takes very good care of us all. I am 13 years old which means next year I will be moving across to the new Transition House along with Rachael from Maguire House. I am looking forward to moving across but will miss my Mama & Auntie and my Keogh House Family dearly.

Chabetty leads Keogh House children singing

In my past life I underwent a lot of challenges after my mother died. I was brought to Mombasa from Kisumu by my grandmother who left me to stay with my aunt. My life was very difficult as she made me do all the housework, I was just like a house girl. She made me work for long hours without proper food and I was not allowed to go to school.

Cynthia Chabetty with Angel & Habiba

Along with my brother I was rescued from this terrible life and we were taken to The Good Life Orphanage. Overnight my life changed, I was welcomed by Mamas, aunties, children and other staff members who all had smiling faces.Quickly I made friends with everyone and I was given all my basic needs & rights as a child. I feel happier than how we used to live in the past before our parents died. I am glad because good life has made me a V.I.P in this world. I really thank God for this wonderful chance.

Cynthia Chabetty cooking

My hope when I grow up, I want to stand at the right position as a woman and do what is right. I want to be a nun by serving God and by helping the poor & needy just like Brian & I was for all those years. I always pray for Papa Kevin & Mama Mary and my sponsor family. I am also thankful for all the people who help our founders, they are all part of the GLO family. I hope to be a Social Worker and Counsellor when I leave the orphanage and I know if I work hard at school I can achieve my dream to help others.

Thank you very much and God Bless you.

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