Jambo jambo all,
I have recently returned from my third trip to The Good Life Orphanage & St Bernadette Mary School, this time with my daughter Maeve, 3 years exactly after a visit with my son Ronan.Each visit is equally (if not more)rewarding as we can clearly see the development of the lovely children in both SBM School and GLO in so many different ways.

Brendan, Maeve & Papa Kevin

The organisation of the complex is fantastic and the good nature ,kindness ,and happy faces on all adults and children alike ensures an unforgettable experience for all volunteers. Like many before me have said ;no matter what skills we bring to help we gain far more than we could ever offer.

Kevioo with Mr Brendan

We did try to get fully involved though , spending time in all houses with mamas aunties and children, chatting, singing, reading, helping with “preps” and homework. Maeve baked cakes for all houses which were well received and quickly decimated..I made a curry for all of our house and the 3 older lads with great help from Moses, Annie and Precious (who are brilliant helpers for Mama Tuta and auntie) making delicious chapatties and salad. Everyone ate it politely and survived the experience so I must be improving as a chef!

Brendan with Madam Pauline

My main job though in day time was helping out in school and I watched and hopefully helped all the teachers in some little way and in making plans for the next year ahead. I would love to hear of some more teachers visiting SBM School, no matter where they come from, to share their knowledge and ideas; as the school is so eager to listen and improve the life chances of their amazing pupils.Teachers from the UK or elsewhere feeling a bit jaded may especially benefit from enjoying their job again and remember why they chose a career in education.

Q&A Session Brendan with our teachers

Brendan enjoying footie with the lads

As previously the time went too quickly so my next trip, God willing ,will be much longer than than the 15 nights this time. It is impossible to pick highlights from such an experience, we had a great experience each and every day. I did enjoy the football matches, the singing of the choir made me more tearful than the onions for the curry! Carrying “bossman” Laurence to school and to the shop for lollipops was an order I couldn’t refuse !
Everyone deserves a mention though , as each has an enormous impact upon you…

Mr Brendan with "Bossman" Lawrence

Can’t wait to go back, so my advice is get planning and get there…
Asante, Brendan

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