Hi all, my name is Martin Ali Mutua. I am happy for being chosen to write a blog about the kids’ fun day. This event is usually done once every year and all the children from all the children’s home within Kilifi County who are members of the CCI network usually come together to participate in different competitions. This year’s event was held on 2nd December 2015 at Vipingo- Crossroads.

Getting ready for a day out

That day, I woke up early and did my routine morning duties. I took my breakfast and dressed up in my sports clothes. Everyone wore their best clothes and the players wore their jerseys and carried their boots ready for a football match. At around 7a.m, Papa Kevin came and took photos of all the kids smartly dressed and the mamas and aunties as well. We left G.L.O at 8:40 a.m and arrived at crossroad Vipingo at around 9:20a.m. We met with other kids from other homes and they were happy as we were.

Uncle Frandk with Magastone who was the captain of our team

The first event was football and I took part in one of matches. I played as a defender, Magastone was our captain and Uncle Frank was the coach. In the first half we scored one goal and in the second half the other team scored two goals. The other team had bigger boys than us and although we tried our best but we did not score other goals. I also watched a football match between the caregivers and the children who were selected after the first match and the caregivers won 1-0.

Time for lunch

The next event was sack race. Moses represented GLO and was able to be position 3. There were other competitions such as: dancing, singing, poems and eating. Caleb participated in the eating competition and he won against three other boys. The young children also participated in face painting activity and they all looked smart.


There after we went for lunch and we were the first ones to be served because we had the bigger number of small children. We ate pilau, meat, banana and sodas. We ate faster so we could got back to enjoy ourselves. There was a group of youth who acted a drama about early pregnancies and peer pressure and we all laughed. It was a very funny drama. Then the time for speeches came and all the officials gave out their speeches and the event ended with a prayer from one of the children.

One of the plays

At around 4:00 pm we boarded our bus and returned back home and carried with us bananas that I enjoyed sharing with my mama. I really enjoyed that day although I got very tired. I can’t wait to see how next year event will be!

Salim, Frank, Rama,Brian and Masuud who were the substitutes players

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a blessed new year.

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