My name is Collins Otieno. I am fifteen years old. I have two siblings namely Rachael & Derrick. I am the first born in a family of three children. I have just completed my primary education and waiting for the results to join a secondary school.

Christmas Day 2008

My parents died when I was seven years old. By then I had not even started school so I joined school at a late age in January 2009 after arriving at The GLO.. My uncles and aunties left us all alone and we had no one to look after us. One of my parents` friends reported our problem to the children department , we were placed in a very bad orphanage but Thank God we were rescued by Papa Kevin & Mama Mary.

At School

I came to the GLO on 23rd December 2008.Early January I joined class two. At first I did not know how to read and write. It was a challenge to me finding a class of brave students, so this made me to work hard. I first studied at Imara School for about two and half years. On 2011, I joined St Bernadette Mary School. I have been studying there till this year, 2015 when I sat for my final exams. My hopes are to join one of the best national schools in Kenya for I was truly prepared when doing my exams.

Collins Joint No2 Position with Raphael

I thank God because I am under the care of the best parents even though my real parents are not with me. I am very happy and I have big hopes of a bright future. I enjoy every moment of my time at the GLO and as one of the eldest boys I always don’t hesitate to help the young children when required. I want to be a good role model to them.

Collins helping the younger children

My aspiration is to join a better national school that will give me quality education and make me a better Citizen and also achieve my dream career of becoming a pilot. I pray to the Almighty father to help me and my entire GLO family. God bless you all.