My name is Neema Kazungu. I am a girl of 16 years old. My life has been full of obstacles which I have experienced all these to the extent of almost losing hope but things have changed dramatically over the past four years. Next year I will be joining Form 3 and I am eagerly waiting to see how it will be like. I am glad that I have been attending school through sponsorship from SBM and I usually travel to Eldoret since I managed to join Dry Girls High School which is found at Timboroa.

Neemas' Home

My life before joining St Bernadette Mary School was very difficult. I used to walk for almost one hour to school because the distance was so long. My performance was very poor and the reason being that the teachers were not able to manage the large number of pupils per class. In my class we were eighty students, but God had special plans for me and I was able to join SBM in Standard 7.My life at SBM changed completely from left to right. I could now walk for only ten minutes to school and saved the energy to use it in my studies. I saw my life so easy at SBM since we had good teachers who were able to provide everything we required in terms of academics and I started getting good marks.

Neema with her mother & two younger sisters

My memorable moment in SBM is when we were about to do our KCPE and the other classes were closing school, parents attended a meeting and the best students were given presents. I was one of the best students in terms of discipline and many other positive things. The school together with the management body selected me as the most disciplined girl who set a good example for other pupils and I was awarded The St Bernadette Mary School Spirit Award. This made my family very proud as well, suddenly I was respected throughout the village. My prize was a pregnant goat and I was as happy as a king.

The St Bernadette Mary Spirit Award

After my KCPE examination I used to pray to God to help me get good marks and join high school but where were the school fees? I spent most of the time with my parents finding ways of raising the school fees but our efforts were not successful. Once the results were released with a score of 374 out of 500 I passed but I had no hopes of joining high school; I even approached some of the banks with my high marks to see if they could help me but none did. Then all of a sudden things happened and I was told that a very kind lady Kim Maher and her husband Vincent would sponsor my education, I couldn’t believe it.

prisca & Neema

Early in 2014 I joined Form 1 at Drys Girls School in Eldoret which is very far from my home in Mtepeni. My first two years have been difficult but I have worked very hard and kept up my grades, thanks to Mama Mary, Papa Kevin, Kim & Vincent and the SBM management for their support. I know I have a responsibility of working hard at school in order to get good grades to achieve my dream career of becoming an engineer.

Neema returns to school

After finishing my education and finding a job, I will be a person of integrity and a role model to others, one who would be able to be given as an example to the whole society. I won’t forget the special support I get from St Bernadette Mary School and I pray every day to God to continue blessing you all.

Neema Kazungu