by Rachael Achieng

It was on a chilly Sunday morning when the sun was shining its rays straight through my bedroom window panel.We woke up early as a family and prepared ourselves for the birthday. We wore our best clothes and rehearsed for the last time while our mama and aunt were busy preparing the lunch for the birthday ceremony. We then went to the TV room and cleaned it thoroughly. After the thorough cleaning we decorated the TV room with balloons, flowers and some writings.

Maguire House Cake

The birthday celebration started at twelve noon. The birthday celebration began with a word of prayer from Anastasia Njeri then we had our lunch. The birthday celebration was headed by Mama Christine being the master of ceremony.After having lunch we were entertained by Marvelous, Tim, Brendan and Naomi, all of whom were very interesting. It was then our turn to entertain the others, we entertained them with two gospel songs and one traditional song. We were also appreciated and we accepted the applause.

Maguire House Day Celebrations

Then it was the time for cutting the cake. We all held the knife and hooray the cake was cut. We were all fed by Mama Domi and she in turn was fed cake by Michelle.We all sung a happy birthday and we were as happy as a lark.

Valentine gives Obama his present

We all sung Happy Birthday for our beloved Jack Maguire, Papa Kevin’s father who died on Christmas Day in 1988. The present giving time came and gifts were given out according to the names of the children. I got a watch, a pencil, a geometry set, a pouch, a ruler, a sharpener, paints, a note book and a pair of colours. I really appreciated these and I will continue appreciating.

Rachael with her gift

When the presentation was over, we closed with a word of prayer led by me. After that the music was played and we danced enjoying the music.At four o’clock everyone we were happy to head back to our houses for a cool shower as it had been a busy day. I could not believe that the day had successfully gone on and peacefully. I gave a word of thanks to God and slept. I will never forget this birthday of ours!

Michelle leading the song