By Hemed Jumaa
The GLO fraternity is composed of very special people found all around the world. It is always a special moment for all children and the staff whenever any person travels miles away to pay them a visit, one can easily identify this by the very warm welcome you receive and of course the funny questions that children may ask. It’s our prayer that the GLO family will continue expanding year in year out.

A sea of happy faces with Ade

There are familiar faces each year that the GLO family is used to see and everyone is very fond of them including the babies. One of these very special faces is of Mr. Ade. Every year, Mr. Ade has been kind to spend most of his holiday volunteering his expertise at the GLO family almost on a daily basis, whenever he is around for two weeks before departing back to the UK. He is a very special man to the GLO family for his significant impact in Information Technology, committed to support us with the goal to make it better.

Busman's holiday for Ade again

We appreciate his generosity and caring heart to all the children, and expertness he brings to the GLO is amazing. Mr. Ade is an expert in networking and has always spent most of his volunteering time doing maintenance of the network system at the GLO & SBM School with some assistance from the computer teacher.

Wifi to Transition House Thanks to Ade

Early February this year Mr. Ade visited us as he routinely does and brought very special gifts from Sage including : bags, rulers, unique pen holders, pens just to mention but a few without forgetting the Toshiba Laptops which we are always in need of. Most of GLO children and the class eight pupils who attend SBM School were privileged to receive these special gifts, their faces expressed great appreciation. The outlook of our offices is now well decorated with the sage pen holders which show time and date in place of a clock.

Ade with Valentine

He also offered his skills to install some of the worn out network cables and restored the D-link share center which is an online data storage system. Since the school was ongoing it wasn’t easy for him to get adequate time to spend with all the children but he sacrificed his weekend and enjoyed spending time with them. The children had a lot of fun with him, some of them tried to show their best dancing moves while others shared their nice experience during the December holiday.

Donations from Sage, Asante Sana

It is always a privilege having such a personality in our midst and we always welcome any person with any form of expertise who is interested in sharing with us their skills and time. Big thank you to Mr. Ade for everything and above all in sacrificing your time with us which is the most expensive thing and your experience as it adds value to our work. May God bless you abundantly.

Our Mamas & Aunties with their Sage Bags

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