My name is Caleb Babu. I am twelve years old. I am in class six. My favourite subject is science, I like science because of one thing, we do a lot of research work outside the classroom and this makes it more interesting and enjoyable. My hobby is drawing and most of the time when I am not studying I like drawing.

Work in progress

On Sunday the 20th March 2016 papa Kevin and Mama Mary sent a message to Uncle Hemed to ask me not to go to school on the following day as they wanted to talk to me. When I went to the office in the morning I was surprised to see Papa Kevin & Mama Mary in the company of a strange man. After the greetings Papa Kevin introduced this stranger to me as mister Castro. Papa Kevin told me that Castro had come to do an art work at the school and asked me if I would like to join him. I felt very happy to hear this.

Caleb with Castro

My classmates were surprised as they did not see me in class that morning. At nine twenty I went to school and we started the sketch work on the picture of Sacred Heart of Jesus. I was very happy because Mr. Castro asked me to give him ideas on how to do the painting and how to do the writings before we started the painting work. We did the job for one week and we did a good job.

Learning from the Master

On Tuesday the 29th when I came back home from school in the evening, Madam Mercy called me in the office and gave me two hundred shillings which she told me it was my salary for the good job done. I was happy to receive my salary and did some shopping, I bought three litres of milk and three extra loaves of bread so that Mama Jane could make an extra nice breakfast for our family.

Happy Days @ SBM School

I think when I grow up I will be an artist as it is well paying and I enjoy doing it. Thank you Mama Mary and Papa Kevin for giving me this chance. May God bless you all.

The finish masterpiece

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