In memory of our House Father Michael O”Malley we always look forward to celebrating our house birthday. That day, I woke up very early in the morning when the sun was rising from the East. I was happy as a king because I knew it was the day of our family birthday. I started with brushing my teeth until they were all white like ice. Then I helped my mother to do house cleaning. After doing the cleaning work I got idle and I remembered an idle mind is a devil’s workshop so I decided to find something to do and I saw some aprons which were dirty. I took them and soaked them for some few minutes then I took a brush and washed them. After that I took a warm shower that left me feeling cool as a cucumber.

Happy Birthday O'Malley House

After the breakfast everybody got busy doing the preparations for the birthday party and I joined my brothers who were decorating the Television room. My mother had taught us some gospel songs so she called us to the house to practice before we sung for all the children. My sister Grace has a good voice and she knew the song well so she led the singing.

O"Malley House Birthday Cake

Enjoying Pilau

Then all the other houses assembled at the TV room at around noon. Our music system was by then singing some nice songs that I like most. Our MC was Rachael Achieng from Maguire house and she showed us where to sit and we occupied the VIP seats. All children were told to wash their hands with the help of the big children. We were served Pilau with juice and those who do not eat meat were given rice and fish. The food was very delicious.

Ommaley house family cutting cake

After the lunch we had different entertainment from Angel, Lawrence and Brendan who all sung different songs. Then it was our turn and all the O’Malley children walked in front and our first born Caleb was afraid to talk in front of the people so I took his post. I felt very proud to introduce our song before we started singing and everybody congratulated me.
After that all the children sang a Happy Birthday to us all before we cut the cake. Our last born Anne was the first child to be fed with the cake and she also fed our mother.

Ann (the last born) feeding Mama Jane with the cake

Ray receiving his present

We received different presents and I am very happy because I got a wallet, a note book, pencils, a sharpener and a rubber. The party ended with a word of prayer from Magastone Kazungu. It was a very special birthday to all of us and we all enjoyed. We thank the O’Malley Family for continuing to help Papa Kevin and Mama Mary in providing us with a secure place we call home in The Good Life Orphanage, we hope they come to celebrate with us in 2018 at our 10th Anniversary O’Malley House Birthday.

Ommaley house family dancing

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