By Peter Keyruby SBM IT Teacher

Layout for the computer lab.

We all appreciate our new IT Laboratory at SBM School and its benefit to us all as many students & staff are excited about the new facility. This was evident during the April holiday where the secondary school students really enjoyed some time using the new computers as well as teachers who now conduct some of their classes at the new building. The Class 7 & 8 pupils alike were excited about making mouse clicks in search of information from the Internet.

David & Amanda inspect the work in our computer room

With the computers networked and internet enabled, there are commonly two intentions: Intention use for Learning and Intention use for social activities. The main emphasis will be on learning which will be made possible through the monitoring of students’ activities from the Server Computer using specialised software “EPITOMES” and the teacher will be able to control students’ activities to be strictly for learning/study purpose.

A very happy Mr Sylvester in the new IT Lab

Enjoying using the new computers

The students will also be encouraged to read newspapers online and to access the various news channels so they can grasp what is happening throughout the world and what affect this is having on Kenya.

Samuel Nduva 9 years old enjoying his IT lesson

The new facility will help prepare students for the future by learning to use technology on a daily basis, both teachers and students will develop skills essential for the 21st century. But more than that, students will learn the critical thinking and workplace skills they will need to be successful in their future.

IT for everyone at SBM School

It also is a far more exciting way for both teachers and students to learn & to be taught. When technology is integrated into school lessons, learners are more likely to be interested in, focused on, and excited about the subjects they are studying. Subjects that might be monotonous for some suddenly become attractive.

Grace Lulu,8yrs

Initiation, Adoption, Adaptation, Acceptance & Infusion are the key stages of successful ICT implementation. I believe moving forward, we will be able to realise and achieve our objective in IT integration at the school and in learning activities at SBM. We are leaders in this field and look forward to successfully incorporating IT into the curriculum giving our students a head start on many other educational institutions in Kenya.

IT Lab @ SBM School

Without the support of our donors we would not be enjoying this new IT Laboratory, we thank everyone for their generosity and can assure you that we will use the facility to its’ full potential.

Jane during her IT lesson