by Rachael Achieng
Chirp! Chirp! The awaited had finally arrived; I let out a sigh of relief. I considered myself lucky after seeing the bright morning, morning of which the sun was rising from the eastern horizon sending its rays through my bedroom’s window panels. We did everything unto our level best to finish our chores on time because we knew that time wasted is never recovered. After finishing our chores we then took a bath, brushed our teeth, put on our best clothes, had breakfast and then left our home compound. Today was a very special day, Stacey & Shannon McKenna had arranged in advance to bring us all to Haller Park for the day.

Stacey & Lucy with Melissa at Haller Park

We boarded the bus to Haller Park but after travelling for around 500 metres our bus developed a problem and everybody was worried that that could be the end of our journey but our driver, Uncle Eliud was so quick to fix it. We later continued with our journey after stopping for around ten minutes and on our way there, we saw many things. I sat at the seat near the window so that I could get the morning breeze, looked at the wonders of the world and then get to learn more and more things. Without dilly dallying, we reached the park. At the entrance before reaching the reception we saw very huge tortoises. We were taken around the park by a female tour guide whose name was Faith.

Happy Days @ Haller Park

She took us first to the crocodiles place. We found the crocodile basking in the sun. The crocodiles are fed on meat. We were also told that crocodiles are eaten so, it is also a source of food. We were then taken to the fish point to see them and learn more about them. We were told that fish feed on fish fillet and algae. The young ones of a fish is a fingerling. We also saw the white molly fish they do not lay eggs and they are marine fish. They are also called highbred fish.

Shannon meets some of The GLO children

We were then shown the Oryx, small and big antelope which is a source of food. We also saw a buffalo and a zebra. We went also to the frogs’ kingdom and we learnt a new thing about them. The water lilies on water surface are used to purify the water. They give the fish and frogs oxygen and they are given carbon dioxide. She took us to where the geckos were together with lizards and monitor. The lizards lay twenty or sixty eggs which are buried in the ground.

Not every day you get to feed a giraffe Stacey

Then we went to where the snakes were in there cages safely. We were told that snakes eat rats and mice. We saw the black mamba snake and we were told that it was the fasted snake in Africa. Later we went and fed the giraffes. The giraffes were not many; maybe we can say they were shy. We fed the few giraffes; they feed on dairy cubes and the twigs. The monkeys were so funny, just acting man-like. They jumped from one tree to another.

Thanks to Marty & Anne McKenna for their generosity

After the touring hours, we sat down to have snacks which were: tomato corn, packets of biscuits, soda and milk. We enjoyed our snacks and the whole trip to Haller Park. I learnt a lot of science which is one of my favourite subjects at school. May God bless Stacey and Shannon McKenna for being kind and spending their time with us. Also Marty and Ann McKenna for their generosity in paying for this very special day for all The GLO Children.

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