by Joe Karanja – Senior Teacher

Grace Lulu,8yrs

Technology is revolutionising the world of education replacing familiar classroom tools and changing the way students learn the world over. The term “techno-savvy” has been our mantra for the term once the school resumed on 4th May 2016. With the completion of the new IT lab facility and the tedious task of finding a reputable IT teacher done, the focus of each one of us at SBM has been the full integration of the lab in our teaching and learning.


Most of our students looked forward to accessing the new facility with abated breadth, vigor and vitality. And as of now, its a common sight to see our galant students flocking the lab for research and study. Teachers and subordinate staff too haven’t been left out of this noble endeavour aimed at uplifting our standards to the world wide pedestal.


Few days into the term, we hosted father Karisa who led us in asking for God’s blessings and providence. Parents were also ushered into the school term from the early morning of 6th May 2016 and the expectations needed of them fully explained. This includes upholding the core values of SBM, since our mission is modest enough mainly aimed at creating a modern enlightenment that results in healthy communities and truly interdependent leaders.

Counselling Day with Mr Joe

Great teaching involves making learning, engaging, interactive, meaningful and fun for the students. It is with this understanding that here at SBM we take the concept of child friendly environments and holistic education as our hallmark. The games department was able to prep a team that represented us to the termly athletics competitions up to the county level where our top athlete, Anita Thomas, was eventually eliminated. These sporting competitions are a precursor to the national events where the students have an opportunity to showcase their talents. They also have a chance to qualify for inter- country regional athletics meets held among the five nations of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi.

Competing in the athletics

Mr. Stephen too has devoted to training our talented musicians beautiful renditions that top in each category at the on going music competitions. Our students, thanks to our sponsors, are able to have an opportunity to grow their music talents courtesy of these government controlled extra-curricula activities. As of now, the music troupe will be performing in the regional competitions at the Pwani University grounds – Kilifi between the 8th July- 10th July 2016.

SBM School Choir @ Regional Competitions

The students sat for an evaluation exam between the 21st and 22nd June just before proceeding for their mid-term recess. Since it takes two tango, our exams are a prerequisite for checking the areas that need improvement for both the teachers and the learners. We also identify the broad categories that our students belong to mainly high-end achievers, middle level achievers and those in need of more help. Currently, as we embark on the homestretch of the term, we aim to lift our academia to the pinnacle since that is our major focus for the year. Our candidates for this year are also promising kids and we are hoping to see a positive deviation from our last year’s national exam performance.

Examination time for SBM School Pupils

In the course of the term, the government too, in its pursuit of improving the health of the learners, carried out two vaccination drives aimed at combating measles and rubella. It also carried out a de-worming campaign, all meant to boost improved hygiene among the school going children.

Madam Odelia gives out the deworming tablets to each pupil

The school has also taken steps to bench mark its operational excellence with a top school, Loreto Academy, from Mombasa. We believe that this partnership will not only allow us to fill any gaps but also give our synergies a new impetus thus propelling us to greater heights. It is our sincere hope that as we approach the end of the term, we shall be able to rise to each occasion and always emerge at the top.

All SBM School Staff Term 2

Thank you

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