Band greeting everyone

Soon the long awaited day had come, we were ready for the journey to the Mombasa Agricultural Show. We set off from SBM School and about an hour we arrived at the Mombasa International Show in Nyali just north of Mombasa Island.

Mr Joe & Mr Stephen lead the way

At first we went to the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service. This is a government regulatory agency responsible for assurance on the quality of agricultural inputs and produce. It offers advice services for farmers. It also inspects importation and exportation of plant materials and regulated articles.


After that, we went to learn more about transport and communication. In our country, our means of communication has gone high due to the developed technology . People now all over Kenya use internet. Children too use it and we are so lucky to have a state-of-the-arts new Computer Room at our school unlike many of the more established and expensive schools on the coast.

CAK Stand

The communication Authority of Kenya educates parents about children and the use of the internet. Because the use of internet in Kenya has increased significantly in recent years, and as a result, increasing number of children who now have unsupervised access to the internet via computer or mobile phones. Children have now been given rules that they should observe. One is that, they should alert parents or guardians right way if they come across any information that makes them feel uncomfortable.

KICC Stand

We also went ahead to learn about the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company. This is about the electricity. It is the one that plans about the construction of power transmission infrastructure. It is also the power management.

Kenya Prisons Stand

We were explained to about the prison department. It really works hard on changing behaviour of bad people. People spread rumours about the prisons but during that day, I got to know the whole truth. The prisons are said to be harsh and unfriendly with a lot of beatings. But is not true. The prisoners are only taught various skills for example carpentry. They make furniture and other artistic work to make them busy.

Parliament Stand

We also went to learn more about the courts in Kenya. We have the juvenile court which deals with children offences. Any child who tends to be disobedient is taken to that court. We also learnt a bout people who work in the court. Judges only judge cases in a high court but magistrates work in the lower courts. The lawyers are of many kind. We have those lawyers who have been employed by the government to assist people. If you have no money to pay a lawyer, you can tell the court and you will be given the lawyer.

EACC Stand

Time for lunch

We stopped for refreshments and some lunch during our visit, we also went on some swings and enjoyed spending time with our friends and with our very knowledgable teachers who made the day even more enjoyable. We learnt a lot of thing that some cannot be explained. I was happy, and because of that, I look forward to our next visit.


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