Three years ago SBM School & The Good Life Orphanage embarked on a life changing mission to try to obtain sponsors to finance the secondary education of some of our brightest pupils. This journey began with three top pupils who had sat for KCPE in 2013 and emerged best performers. Phaustine Mlota, Mwanyamba Cosmas and Neema Kazungu became the pioneer students of this noble endeavour. The number has grown exponentially over the years to eleven students qualifying for the much needed high school education sponsorship over a four year period.



High school education in Kenya, needless to say, is very expensive ,therefore, students who do benefit from the SBM sponsorship have to be fruitful and focused. Many parents in Kenya go through hard and challenging lives coupled with a complete failure of the government systems to ensure a seamless transition of students from primary to high school. Education, as a tool for social change, in Kenya is inextricably linked to a good high school performance, it is in this regard that SBM has always taken steps to ensure that our students attend the best schools in the country. This will see them not only succeed in their exams and pursue university education but will also effect the much needed change in their impoverished homes and the community at large.



The invaluable experiences that these students have undergone as a result of the high school education has had a formidable impact in their perspectives and overall focus in life. Many of them have realised that soon enough they will be able to achieve the dreams they passionately embrace in lives.



SBM exemplifies courage in the face of adversity, never faltering, failing or giving up in its quest to effect change in the lives of the people of Mtepeni. We believe in enhancing education, and a lack of it thereof, has a very detrimental effect to the lives of both boys and girls in this society. Whilst this education comes at a very high cost and quite bumpy, there is a glimmer of hope for the eleven students currently in high school. We will also gladly take any port in a ‘storm’ as we try our best to navigate with our students through this priceless high school education.


As they departed for the nine-week third term, the students remain focused and are clearly relishing life as high school students. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors they are taking advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to gain this level of education which was a dream to them all.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela

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