Flynn House Cake

As the majority of our children do not know their actual birthdays we now have a special day allocated to each house so they celebrate their birthday’s on that date. For Flynn House it is the 1st September and for Keogh House it is 25th August. Both these dates hold special significance for the Flynn and Keogh families so it is our pleasure to be able to celebrate in Kenya. Over the past few years we have had a joint celebration for the children in these two houses and 2016 was no different.

Keogh House Cake

Celebratory meal for all

The Mamas, Aunties & children were all dressed in their smartest outfits and the excitement could be heard throughout the compound prior to the beginning of the much awaited celebrations. A very special lunch of Pilau was prepared in advance and two cakes were ordered, House Birthdays are very special occasions at The Good Life Orphanage.

Flynn House cut their cake

Following a scrumptious lunch the children from both Flynn House & Keogh House cut their cakes, everyone from the youngest toddler to the oldest teenager sampled the cake and some sweets as well. In order to keep the children’s teeth strong we do encourage them to eat sweets but on special occasions such as this everyone enjoys this treat.

Keogh House cut their cake

Felister receiving her gift

Madam Mercy and Auntie Valentine made sure each child had a present to open and Ciaran our volunteer was on hand to assist with giving the gifts to the children. Our children treasure each and every present they receive with new arrivals such as Pheilster never having cake or a gift before, life is difficult outside our gates for the majority of children.

Jane wanjiku receiving her present

Frank receiving his gift

Then it was time to sing, dance and a short presentation showing how talented both Flynn & Keogh families are. Thanks to the ongoing support from our donor families we continue to give our children at The GLO a secure and loving environment where they can develop into well grounded young adults.

Chabetty with Valentine

Asante Sana Flynn & Keogh Families for making this happen.

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