As our special needs children are growing up so quickly and needing even more specialist care a decision was made that we would employ a full-time Occupational Therapist instead of one visiting three times weekly to care for our children.Our prayers were answered, firstly Diane Turner who is very experience in her chosen field of physiotherapy was in Mombasa on holiday and we quickly asked her would she attend the interviews and secondly with Winfred who seemed a perfect candidate for the position. Diane interviewed Winfred with Mama Mary, Papa Kevin, Hemed, Mercy and Lucy in attendance but just like nodding dogs smiling every time Diane asked a question and got a favourable answer from Winfred.

Michelle with Winfred

Here is how Winfred us feeling about her new position:
“First and foremost, I thank God for this wonderful institution. It has been my prayers ever to work in an institution like this. During my childhood I was very much disturbed by the way disadvantaged people in my village, especially those who are physically and mentally challenged lived. Most of them were living a very miserable life stigmatised by the society and I really empathised with them. I kept on thinking about how I would help them and I always remembered them in my prayers.

Winfred treats Lawrence

Luckily after my high school, I was privileged to join Kenya medical Training College where I pursued a three years diploma course in Occupational therapy which has been my dream career. Attending to “differently abled people” such as those with cerebral palsy, Spina ifida, Downs Syndrome and many others has ever been my pleasure. When I got the news about the Occupational Therapist job at GLO, I hastily sent my application with bigger expectations. I didn’t stay for long before I got a call from the institution informing me that I had been shortlisted for an interview. I did thorough preparation for the interview though I was a bit tensed because I knew I was going to a new place where I knew no-body nor anywhere I could spend my night just in case if I would be made to wait for the interview results.

Winfred with Niama

On Wednesday the 26th October, I travelled safely to Mombasa from Nairobi and reached GLO at around 9:00Am the following day. I was impressed with everything just at the first sight of the place. I was impressed by how social and loving everybody is both the children and the staff. The interview went on well and joy overwhelmed me when I was informed that I had been given an opportunity to work as an Occupational therapist. I knew it was by God’s grace that my dreams had come true. I pray God will always give me strength to intervene in the lives of all children especially those with special needs and change or positively impact their lives. I also bless the lord for all the privileges I was guaranteed at GLO for the first few months as I start a new life far away from my home where I initially knew no one.

Winfred with Michelle

I am humbled to be part of the GLO family and I will offer my best to help the children. My happiness is to see the special children living a very productive life independently. God bless the GLO fraternity.”

Walking Aids donated by Emma Higham

For the first six months Winfred will be finding her feet at The GLO but we are hoping to develop an Outreach Programme in the surrounding area so she can also offer her services to children who would never have access to this treatment due to financial constraints. We welcome Winfred to our GLO Family and know her dedication to our children will come shining through.

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