By Peter Keyruby
Since these pupils joined SBM School in 2012 this has been their goal, these candidates have gone through primary school education culminating in their K.C.P.E. Examination in Standard 8. SBM has brought up these candidates through learning and preparing them for the exams. Indeed they have shown good spirit & the teachers have nurtured and corrected them in all manners.

SBM School Standard 8

Finally the time had come when they sat for the long awaited exam and in early November they became very proud to be able to say they have completed with their exams. It was a long journey! They are all excited but still in wait-hood mood up to the time the results will be released, late December. For some it will be the completion of their education as firstly they may not score the “pass mark” which gives them access to being offered a place in a good high school, our benchmark is usually 360/500. Secondly and most important the next level of education is so expensive that the majority of pupils attending SBM School will not be in the financial position to be able to proceed as the annual costs including fees, transport, books and other expenses are in the region of £1,000 per year, thats $1260/€1260. Usually in areas where SBM School is located the average annual wage of a casual worker on a farm is in the region of £800, they have to pay rent, feed their families, pay medical expenses etc and for the unlucky ones that do not attend our school where the children get a free education, they also have to pay school fees so the chances of getting to high school without sponsorship from some source is a pipe dream for many.

Mr Sylvester with the invigilators & armed guard

Here are some of their expectations and views of the exams:
“ I thought that the exams could be quite challenging but found it rather interesting to answer the questions right. With my thoughts fixed on the exams, am optimistic to pass with flying colours and hope to get a good high school. Big thank you to all teachers and the entire SBM fraternity.” – Jael Lauzi

“ The exams were quite fair. I have finished the exams and am expecting good and better results. Hoping to get higher marks that would hit my target and of course joining a good high school. Challenge remains staying at home cause was used to SBM School so much” – Lisa Choni.

“ The exams were fair to say. I am expecting good grades and would love to join a good high school. It’s been hectic and tough moment preparing for the exams, and with the holiday approaching hope to have a good rest till the results are out.” – Tyron Kamau.

Finished now & very relieved

During the examination period all candidates receive two good meals at the school daily so they can concentrate on their papers and not worry about being hungry. Mr Sylvester our Head Teacher was pleased with the candidates’ conduct during the exam period and had organised a special meal of coastal favourite pilau with soda to bid them farewell. We all wished them a fruitful holiday with God’s Blessing till we meet again. Enjoy your holiday!

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