The Kids Fun Day coincided well with the Easter festivities, a time where we engage friends & families celebrating the life & death of Jesus Christ. Various activities were undertaken with the help of the teachers among them; singing of Easter songs, colouring of pictures and watching the 14 stages of the way of the cross. Approximately 200 pupils participated in the occasion which included Kindergarten pupils & the lower primary students (Classes 1, 2 & 3).

Madam Phelister leads the way

Madam Pauline oversees the children's creative skills

After a long academic term, the administration found the need to engage students in various activities that will make them enjoy. It was another moment where teachers could explore other talents & skills which the pupils possess. The kids were busy engaging with the activities and enjoying every moment that past. Most students come from impoverished families where affording a meal is a nightmare, but thanks to the school which provided them with porridge every day and this helped a lot in motivating them.

In Preparation for Easter Sunday

Happy Days for SBM Pupils

Other activities that were undertaken include: Athletics, Duck walking, Hula hoop, Modelling, Balloon busting, dancing among others. These activities enhanced smooth and easy interaction & co-operation between teachers & the younger pupils of SBM School. The occasion came to a close with teachers and students sharing a special pilau meal together as we celebrate Easter. We all had fun!

A special treat of pilau

All this could not have been accomplished without the support from the administration, teachers and the support staff. Also a special thank you the sponsors for your donation and may God bless you abundantly.

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