By Mr Joe Karanja – SBM Head Teacher
“BE KIND, BE ENCOURAGING, BE EXCELLENT…and just keep learning, just keep learning” A simple mantra we picked for the new term as we forge on with our key objective of transforming our school into a centre of excellence. Last term was a phenomenal term for the entire SBM family and there was no doubt as we ended, that our future was bright and the good tidings will go on. Time is indeed moving very fast for an academic journey that ends on August 4th 2017, the end of our second term.

Asante Sana Olga for the donation of drums & musical instruments

It is immense joy to meet happy, highly motivated students who are eager and keen to learn. Indeed, it is amazing how an education in this remote rural area has ignited a passion and zeal for change in our students who face myriad challenges from their backgrounds. This term, we are continuing to deepen our understanding of the core values, ethos and standards of our mission statement and simultaneously develop the individual students into high performance students in all aspects of their lives.

Madam Elizabeth leads the choir

We are passionate about instilling elevated levels of perseverance, stamina and the drive to grow and learn not only in the children but also in the teachers themselves as they strive towards offering their very best to the students. It is such joy to visit the classrooms and see the growth and learning taking place every day.

Madam Jane supervises oral English examination

Following the success of our pupils at the county music competitions we are now heading to the national competitions at Kakamega later this month. This will be the second year in succession that we have reached this level and the pupils are very excited about the upcoming trip which will see them travel a 1,700km round trip. We also hope to celebrate our cultural day towards the end of the term where students take part in cultural dances, music and drama as we let individual students’ talents grow in this genres.

Our choral verse pupils recite for the judges

Here at SBM we believe that the most effective school is where individuality and difference are celebrated and everyone is valued. We are, therefore, working hard and aiming high in lifting up the athletics talents of the students this term. We have introduced cross-country races in the school where students compete on marked routes in the village. We shall also have inter-house athletics competitions which will culminate into an athletics fun day in the school for all the students.

Time for the high jumpers @ SBM School to excel

In our quest of giving education a meaningful touch, we have organised several educational trips and excursions for our students. These trips stir a great passion in learning as learners relate what they have learnt in class with the reality. Last month we had our first trip of the year taking our lower primary classes to Haller Park in Mombasa. Later in the term we shall have a trip for Classes 4 to 6. While in August, we shall take our candidates (class 8) to the Mombasa National Agricultural Show. It is our hope that our great and able donors and partners will support us on this noble endeavour.

All very interested in the animals

The term ends on the 3rd of August 2017. It is our continued prayer that as the country is in an election mode slated for August 4th 2017, that peace and sober minds will prevail, since at times, our general elections tend turn chaotic at times.

Mr Joe surrounded by his pupils as always

In the words of Malcom X…….” Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” The teachers, support staff and the students will take each day at a time as a blessing from God and maximumly use all our strength, vigour and energy to turn it into a passport to the future for our bright and needy students.

Thank you…

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