By Margastone Kazungu
It was a typical Saturday morning at The GLO with the birds were singing their sweet melodies. I jumped out of my mahogany bed leaving behind my blanket hanging awkwardly like Maasai earrings. I rushed to the bathroom and took a bath. Without wasting time because time wasted is never recovered, I dressed, took my aroma breakfast which was as sweet as honey and left for school ready to learn.

Karibu GLO

While in class, I could not concentrate well because I was eagerly waiting to meet our visitors who were Sunday school children from cross roads church. We had been informed earlier that it was their mission month so they chose to spend the whole day with us. Our head teacher had also told us that once they arrive, we would be allowed to leave our classes and join them. I did not believe my eyes when I saw two buses coming towards our school. I was overwhelmed with joy because I was certain that they were the visitors whom we had been waiting for.

Fun time @ The GLO

Without hesitating, I warmly welcomed them and showed them the way to our home where they converged at the television room after a tour around all the houses. However, we at the good life also assembled at the Television room ready for the special event to take place. As the custom of good life we put God first in everything we do, we started the event with a word of prayer after which we had different entertainments. We all had good time together where we shared and learned new things from each other.

Lunchtime with our guests

As we were enjoying ourselves through entertainment our stomachs started complaining. Fortunately, food was ready and we were served with delicious meal with drinks. After we were full, we had a football match which was meant to be a friendly match where as the young children enjoyed swinging, skipping rope and face painting.

Always time for a game of football

When the match was over, we were given some gifts by our visitors which included stationeries; these will truly help us in pursuing our studies. Everything that has a beginning has an end so we took some group photos as remembrance of all the good time we had together after which our visitors departed as we wished them journey masses. We are very grateful for their visit and we hope they will visit us again soon.

Valentine greets our guests

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