We Thank God for the protection he has given us throughout the year 2017. As were coming to the end of the year The GLO Family is a very happy unit.

Kilroe House welcome their latest family memeber, baby Jamie

Our GLO Children:
First we all got worried about Saidi Jiwe health wise, we could not tell if he would live or die after a series of complicated operations and a serious infection hindering his recovery. He has now turned a corner and is getting stronger every day. Baby Jamie joined us on 3rd June as a newborn baby, Tina was admitted to The GLO in August and our final addition in 2017 was little Mo on 29th October.

Papa Kevin, Saidi & Mama Mary

Everlyn was adopted by a very caring lady in April, she has struggled to adjust to life away from The GLO as she missed her siblings in Kilroe House but we are continuing to liaise with her new family. Raymond and Mary were reunited with their extended family in early August, they are so happy and have settled into farm life without any problems.

Mama Honorina with Evelyn

Our GLO Staff:
Our devoted & hardworking staff are the backbone of The GLO, they continue to devote their lives to our children who are often difficult to deal with as many feel angry that they have been abandoned. Masha joined our team early in 2017 and has taken over the mantle of overseeing the accounts at both The GLO & SBM School without any problems.

Michelle, Lydia, Mary & Charlotte with Mama Stella

Our staff often go that extra mile, this November and December many of the staff have taken our children who do not have any extended families home to spend time with their own families so the children can experience life outside The GLO. It has been a major success with the children really enjoying their time away from the confines of the orphanage.

Winfred gives Ali his Christmas Present

GLO Visitors:
We can’t forget our great volunteers who arrived from across the world and also local Kenyan volunteers like Mama Zipporah who always ends her visit by buying a large goat so we have a celebratory meal with her. She is such a positive lady who encourages our staff to work even harder.

Mama Waseema assists in KG

Waseema, doing counselling to our children one to one at GLO and also at SBM School helping in Kindergarten. She takes our problem children under her wings and spends the whole month working tirelessly to make a difference to their lives, Waseema is a great volunteer.

Joel helps on the Shamba

We Kenyans often stare in wonder when our volunteers like Ciaran & Joel clean out the cows and work with the crops in the Shamba, they are not proud and show our children there is nothing to be ashamed about when you do manual work, they are good role models & we look forward to their return visit in 2018!

Ciaran is not afraid of hard work

GLO Plans:
As we have grown quickly with five houses, a Transition House, SBM School and now our Fallon Technical Block which goes from strength to strength including our O’Gara Sewing room which is a godsend to the young girls in the village, Here they train to be seamstresses and some transfer across to work in Valentine’s Fashions which use traditional African prints. We also are very active in promoting reusable sanitary kits, Rudia Sodo, for girls living in abject poverty so they can attend school all through the month.

Some of our beach bag designs

As were heading towards our 10th Anniversary we have been busy painting all the houses and repairing or replacing some of the worn-out things inside and outside the houses thanks to the money raised by Papa Kevin for swimming from Alcatraz to Angel Island earlier this year.

Painting GLO Houses

We will continue to make life secure and enjoyable for all our 64 GLO Children in 2018, we hope to make the Shamba and Valentine’s Fashion successful but without your help we cannot achieve this. We thank you all for your continued generosity and ask you to please keep supporting Papa Kevin, Mama Mary & the whole GLO Team, we are 100% dedicated to making The GLO a continuing success.

Our amazing Shamba

May God Bless you all & we wish you a joyous 2018

Ruby with Madam Mercy

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