At the moment we have 64 children in The Good Life Orphanage, during the Christmas holiday period many of the children return to extended families or visit the homes of our GLO staff before returning on 22nd December for Christmas celebrations at the orphanage.

All ready fro action

Sadly there are eighteen children who do not get this chance and these children really struggle to understand why they cannot leave the orphanage like the other children. After speaking to Des & Nina O’Malley about this, they very kindly made a generous donation so these children could enjoy a special treat during the holidays and what better than a trip to Mombasa’s vibrant Bamburi Beach.

Winnie with Lydia & Charlotte

Derick, Frankie, Rama & Mudi

Milele Beach Hotel is a Non-Alcoholic, Non-Smoking Christian Hotel which is very family orientated and a world away from many of the coastal hotels, the pools are child friendly with a lifeguard on duty, a must for many of our GLO children who have special needs. Mercy managed to negotiate a very good rate for use of the facilities along with a very tasty lunch of sausages, chips and soda for all the children, this was indeed going to be a treat for them.

Mama Domi with Michelle

The boys enjoy the swimming pool at Milele Beach Hotel

The boys soon changed into their swimwear and spend hours playing games & swimming in the pool, it was good to see how confident they were as some have only been to the beach a few times before this. The triplets and Michelle loved the water and thanks to Mama Stella & Winnie they frolicked in the pool for hours.

From left Frank, Derrick & Mudi enjoying their lunch

kevoo with mama Stella

All the children had a wonderful time, the boys even had their lunch at the bar in the swimming pool, they also ate their body weight in chips covered with tomato sauce. Kevoo joined in the fun regardless of his mobility problems but Saidi just watched from afar when the children were in the pool.

The Triplets venture into the sea

To finish the day, the children and accompanying staff went for a walk on Bamburi Beach and dipped their toes into the Indian Ocean, the perfect end to a perfect day. The children were so happy to have been able to enjoy such a memorable outing and all pass on their thanks to Des, Nina & family for making this possible.

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