By Betty Nabwire – 8 years old
It was on Saturday 07/04/2018 morning when we woke up full of joy and happiness on our faces. We knew it was our big day, our house birthday, we celebrate this special day in memory of Micheal O’Malley (R.I.P.). I went and prayed for five minutes and made my bed neatly. When it was time, we went and took a bath and we dressed in our beautiful already ironed clothes, Mama Jane and Auntie .

Betty at her home on the rubbish tip

As usual, we had washed our underwear & socks, and assisted our house mother and aunt in doing some of the house chores. After that we took our breakfast and started chatting about our expectations that day. My life now in O’Malley House is very different from when I lived on a tip with my father, we used to spend most days just searching the bags of rubbish that were dumped from the trucks coming from Mombasa.

O'Malley House Family cut their birthday cake

When it was lunch time, we took our lunch before proceeding to the TV room where we were going to hold our celebration. Paul was the one who was sent to tell us to assemble at the TV room and we were all so excited as we waited patiently, soon our GLO brothers and sisters from the other houses joined us.

Nuru receives his birthday present from Madam Mercy

Ali one of our elder brothers from Flynn House was appointed as the Master of Ceremony. He was to ensure everyone was well disciplined there. It was time to cut our cake and birthday songs were sang as we did so. After that we were given our presents by Madam Mercy which we were very happy with, we know that without people helping Mama Mary & Papa Kevin we would not receive such thoughtful gifts.

modi ready to drive

Without wasting time we rushed to the GLO bus not knowing where we were going to have fun as it was going to be a surprise. Uncle Sebastian drove the bus carefully. On our way we picked Madam Winfred who was to take us to the place we were to go. It was a few minutes drive distance.

O'Malley Birthday House Celebrations

We arrived at a place called Go-kart Mombasa. It was a nice place and immediately we were dressed for the game and briefed about the rules of the game. We really enjoyed to drive the karts there as it was our first time. After that we were taken to the beach where we swam until late in the evening. Later we came back home safely. It was a great day for O’Malley House Family, we appreciate the kindness of everyone who made this a day to remember.

Betty and Nuru preffered playing with the beach sand

Thank you all.

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