This week has seen our first former pupil of SBM School join The Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Nairobi, it is an amazing achievement for Neema Kazunga, a young girl from Ndonya community. Neema joined SBM School in 2011 and soon we noticed that she was a very hardworking dedicated pupil and an ideal role model for our other girls. In November 2013 Neema was awarded the prestigious Spirit of SBM School, she embraced the school’s ethos and was overjoyed when she received a goat as the prize.

Neema 02

Growing up in rural Kenya was difficult for Neema, her mother struggles to make ends meet but she also knows the importance of education and is very supportive, she always remains positive regardless of what the world throws at the family. As a result of this support and an excellent standard of education at SBM School Neema managed to get 374/500 in her K.C.P.E. Examinations gaining her a place at Dry High School for Girls in Eldoret.

A smiling Neema in her school uniform

High School education in Kenya is very expensive so with the help of her sponsors, Kim & Vincent Maher, she joined the school in February 2014 and over the past four years continued to excel in her studies culminating in her getting a Grade B in her K.C.S.E Examinations in December 2018. This was a very high grade in a year when many failed to perform and girls outshone the boys with their results.

Neema with Baby Jamie

Throughout the four years at high school Neema always volunteered at The GLO during the school holiday assisting the Mamas and Aunties, she remains a very humble girl who is liked by all. She continued to use SBM library and computer laboratory to assist with her studies when she completed her work at The GLO, she is indeed a great mentor for the other pupils.

Madam Mercy & Mama Neema say goodbye to her as he heads off

For Neema to get a Grade B was beyond her expectations, a girl from the bush attaining a higher grade than many of the students across Kenya, we were so proud of her and the whole community celebrated. Gaining a place at the prestigious CUEA to study a BSc in Community Health & Development is a first for any pupil from Ndonya community, it has given all the girls the belief that they can achieve the unthinkable and climb that mountain!!

Winfred ensures Neema settles into university life

Neema is eternally grateful to the family who built SBM School giving her the chance to get a good education and a special word of thanks also to her sponsors who are supporting her financially through university for the four years until she gets her degree, life is very good for Neema. We wish her Good Luck, we know she will continue to work hard and eventually she will make the difference to her community and her family.

Neema is proud to represent SBM School

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