by Mr Paul – SBM Head Teacher
As we were successful at the county level it was time for St.Bernadette Mary School Choir & Dancers to attend 2018 National Music Festival in Nyeri County at Dedan Kimathi University. It was a long trip over 600km each way but everyone was very excited to be taking part in such a prestigious competition.

Janie & Brenda all prepared to dance in the National Music Festival

Our school had three items; a choral verse and two songs. The competition was stiff. However, our students were very ready for the battle. The following were the scores for various items: 88%, 86% and 87% position 5, 7 and 10 respectively.

Our SBM School Choir

St. Bernadette Mary pupils were happy to visit a new and friendly environment. They were also able to encounter pineapple and tea plantations as the main cash crops in the central part of Kenya. It was really an educative tour for everyone including the children and teachers. It was also an opportunity for the pupils and staff to mingle at meal times and enjoy each others views on their trip.

A welcome lunch break for the pupils at Nyeri Music Festival

I wish to take this opportunity to thank the administration for their support. Many thanks to Papa Kevin and Mama Mary for always supporting our beloved children to nurture their talents and a special word of thanks to our donor family at SBM School. Having made new friends, our pupils were able to challenge great and well known schools in performance. This always gives them the spirituality of work and self esteem they are like any other students in the country and they can as well perform like them and get a chance to join our National schools.

Our SBM Dancers

May God bless you all abundantly as we better the best in our entire family of Goodlife & SBM School.

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