As we are now on the final quarter of the year, there are always major activities that happen in the Kenyan education calendar and core to the third term is the KCPE and KCSE exams. For the first time, three of our GLO children will be doing their KCPE exam this year. Our education system has over the years put emphasis on scoring good grades in school before proceeding to the next level. However, the introduction of the new curriculum will see a shift in to this but our upper primary classes are not lucky as they will be examined using the old system. All those who are conversant with the GLO children, will confirm with me that it has not been an easy task for the three children to have reached this important academic milestone and they all deserve some kind of applause.


Caleb was the first one among the three to join The GLO Family over ten years ago following a referral from a bad orphanage which was closed down by the government. Despite being only approximately 3 years old, he had endured a lot which not many people experience even in their entire life! His life had been shattered and was hopeless. It was not easy for him to settle at the orphanage but life gave him a second chance and over the years he has grown to a very healthy looking boy, now weighing almost 55 Kilograms.

Thankfully our school has played a very key role in modelling him and despite undergoing all the psychological issues in his early life, he is now one of the well known children both at orphanage and SBM School. He is known for his character of being funny and can be mischievous. He always finds ways to make people laugh though at times it put him into trouble with the teachers and his caregivers too! Caleb has a passion for artwork and he is confident he will get the grades to good to high school or join a vocational college to complete an apprenticeship to become an electrician.

Then we have Ali Mutua who also joined The GLO family nearly 10 years ago. Ali’s early days at the orphanage were not easy as he longed to reunited with his family but all efforts to trace his parents proved to be unsuccessful. He is now a very healthy boy and the tallest among the 63 who are currently under our care. Ali is an average boy in academics and loves interacting with all people. He hates being on the wrong and sometimes overreacts whenever he finds himself in trouble. He envisions scoring good marks and joining a good high school. He aspires to become a chef and as we have seen his cooking expertise in Flynn House we believe he will become a very skilful chef.

Finally we have Precious Mbodze, a 14 year old girl who joined The GLO Family five years ago with her younger siblings Marvelous & Nyevu. She is a very friendly girl who is above average in academics, she is very dedicated in her studies. Precious has had a very difficult life before joining our family but has grown from a very shy little girl to a very confident happy young lady. She dreams of becoming a journalist and enjoys discussing politics.

As the three children wind up their primary school life, we are very grateful to everyone including their sponsors who have always given a lot to support them. However, we have only one special request at the moment to the entire GLO family, remember them in your daily prayers. We also take this opportunity to thank you all for the ongoing support for our school, it is changing the lives of many in our area.