It was a beautiful Wednesday morning as we prepared ourselves for the annual trip to Crossroads at Vipingo for Kid’s Fun Day organised by the CCI’s in Kilifi County. As The Good Life Orphanage is one of the Charitable Children’s Institute look forward to this celebration in anticipation and all dressed in our very best best clothes. Uncle Eluid was very busy as he ferried us all to the large playing fields in Vipingo for the day’s activities. We were very happy as we made the short journey there.

On our arrival we could hear music all over the place, they were good songs with great beats. I could see everyone nodding their heads as we looked for the other children from the many homes in our area. It was going to be a joyful day for us all. Our day started by a word of prayer from the host then football matches followed. We had football for boys mixed with other boys from other homes and the same to the football girls. Uncle Hemed & Uncles Fraire were busy organising the football matches as they are experienced in this field.

We then had a Potato Race followed by a skipping race though some of the other children could not compete as they were overheating. The sack race was a big favourite for everyone but we were glad when they first series of activities were over as it was very hot.

At lunch time we assembled at the dining hall for lunch and were served very tasty Pilau and Soda. It was delicious and we were all satisfied. The younger kids had their faces painted and they looked so smart. face fainting. Our GLO staff , Mama Stella, Mama Tuita, Aunt Claris, Aunt Elvina, Aunt Priscilar, Mama Mapenzi, Aunt Constance, Aunt Jane, Uncle Hemed, Uncle Fraire & Shosho Valentine all accompanied us to the event as it is also a day for the staff to celebrate. Some participated in Volleyball then Tug of War for the children followed.

Thereafter, it was time for entertainment. Children recited poems, sang and danced songs, all performing very well. I liked how other children were dancing and we picked up some moves from them. The platform was full within no time as everyone danced joyfully and happily. Children interacted, we met old friends and made new friends too. I got a new friend named Halima from Mudzini Children’s Home.

Finally after a fun filled day we headed home very happy and very tired. Thanks to those who organised this festival and may God Bless you. We really appreciated being able to participate.

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