For many girls in villages surrounding The GLO & SBM School life is very difficult. Often they complete their K.C.P.E. Examinations but without a very high mark (350/500) they struggle to get assisted places in high school and as the majority of families live in poverty sending the children to school is not an option due to the high fees.

As part of our initiative to provide vocational training for these girls we set up The O’Gara Sewing Room in our Fallon Technical Block. Each year twelve girls enrol for a year long course on how to become a seamstress under the tutelage of Mr Kahindi who is a saint. He never looses his cool with twelve giggling girls but mentors each one as if they were his own daughter. In 2018 two of the best students are Faith Gambo & Helen Nyamawi.

Faith is a hardworking girl, 17 years old and lives with her seven siblings. Sadly her father has health issues and as a result cannot work but her mother is the bread winner working daily on a farm for a very small salary, about £1.50 daily. Although Faith completed her K.C.P.E. Examinations in 2016 the family could not afford to pay the high fees so she could attend high school.

Helen is 18 years old and lives with her six siblings, her father is a mechanic working for a local garage whenever they need him and her mother grows vegetables for the family, life is not easy for the family. Helen completed her K.C.P.E Examinations in 2014 but again the family could not raise the money to pay for the school fees so she did not join high school either.

Both girls were overjoyed to secure a place in the 2018 sewing class and were interested in becoming seamstresses since Day 1, they have performed well throughout the year and are now very capable in their chosen field. Faith and Helen completed their Grade 1 Tailoring Certificate Course in late November, they were also chosen by Mr Kahindi as his star students. Faith is a very quiet girl, Helen is the opposite, outgoing and always smiling, both are very industrious.

Thanks to a very generous donor we were able to give these two girls a new sewing machine each to start their own business, they will pay 50% of the cost of the machine back over a twelve month period. With the extra money Faith and Helen earn they will be able to assist their families and they also plan to continue with their Grade 2 qualifications.

Both Faith & Helen live in abject poverty but they do not ask for handouts, by giving them these sewing machines they can now become independent whilst also giving back to the project that his given them this opportunity. The families were very thankful for the support they have received and as in all cases we realise that education is the greatest weapon against poverty. We will continue to expand and develop our vocational training in 2019 with the help of our wonderful sponsors.

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