Peter & Domi McDonald have been volunteering at The GLO & SBM School from January to the end of March this year. We cannot put in words how grateful we are to them as they really embraced life on our project and gave so much back to our staff & children. Whilst we wait for their blog we think this story from Peter will cheer you all up on this Sunday afternoon.

Peter & Domi enjoying a rare day off during their volunteering stint

“I just been sent some photos from the Good Life Orphanage of some of the children I met while working on a project in Kenya 🇰🇪 one of the pictures was a boy called Lawrence so I’m going to tell you a story about him he is one of 60 children living there. Lawrence is very special child happy and very intelligent and as Mary Maguire the one of the founders pointed out a future leader hopefully. He is one of 4 children who is physically disabled he has no control of his legs but that doesn’t stop him getting around he slivers like a snake or puts on leg braces and with crutches goes where he can but most of the time the children push his wheelchair the children of GLO are very supportive of each other especially the disabled ones .

Lawrence with his beaming smile

Lawrence goes to church every Sunday he chooses the catholic service he could go to the Pentecostal or mosque or none and have a sleep in but while I was there he sat with me in the front seat of a packed minibus going-to what I call little church this is Kenya so I also have the youngest child Jamie who is not yet 2 tucked into the front seat heading for the adults service he’s too young for the children’s service. When we get there Lawrence is carried to the little church and pick up at the end of it 2 1/2 hours later when he’s picked up and put back on the front seat of the bus, this particular Sunday he has been rewarded a small pack of 3 biscuits and has them in his hand waiting for the bus to take us home.

Jamie, our GLO Baby !

Jamie didn’t get any biscuits and his little eyes stared at Lawrences prize and never moved unless the biscuits did I should point out that the children of GLO are very well looked after but biscuits are a birthday treat and not regular available . I was out side the bus and Lawrence didn’t notice me observing but he couldn’t help seeing Jamies interest as he looked at the package.

Lawrence Looked at his prize as you might before you give to something you value but will never see again and put them into Jamie’s hands who finished this story of by slowly eating them through out the return journey with out another word no thanks like any young puppy would.

I don’t know if my words can ever really explain this act of kindness and I don’t like to admit but I had to look away or someone might have wondered what got in my eye.”

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