Moving across to The McKenna Transition House is a very happy occasion for our older children, it is a mark of passing from being a child into adulthood. Earlier this year four children made the journey across the GLO compound, it is a small distance but a major chapter in the lives of the children.

Jane, Joshua, Rama and Salim were very nervous as they packed their cases in O’Mally, Flynn & Maguire Houses, they were leaving their homes where some had been for the past ten years to join our older children. There were many celebrations during the day to mark this momentous occasion.

They joined Father Gabriel and Nico as our V.I.P.’s for a pilau, soda and cake. All four children now realised they were taking the next step on their journey to adulthood and Rama was very keen to address his GLO Family.

Nico our Trustee Chairperson and Father Gabriel also spoke at length to the staff and children about the importance of this day for Jane, Joshua, Rama & Salim, it is a rite of passage at The GLO. They will learn how to wash, iron, cook, clean and take care of themselves. They also learn how to budget which is very important.

They have settled in very quickly and are enjoying their new found independence. Jane, Joshua, Rama & Salim are proving they are appreciating this opportunity to be educated in life skills.

As they unpacked their cases they grasped that their lives are changing, at The GLO we are aware that learning life skills to our older children is paramount. Many have no extended families so once they leave us they have to know how to cope with life outside our gates.

They also have to learn how to do their homework without someone standing over them, for the majority of the teenagers this is not a problem as they relish the fact that we trust them to be mature.

We wish Jane, Joshua, Rama & Salim the best of luck, a very special word of thanks to Dermot & Jackie McKenna for their generosity in funding our Transition House. It is a very important part of our project as we know the importance of not just academic education but also learning life skills which will serve them every day when they leave the security of The GLO.