It has been a busy start to the new academic year at SBM School, firstly we have a new Head Teacher, Mr Edison Charo. With Mr Jairus now as his Deputy Head Teacher we are looking forward to a successful year as the staff & pupils need this stability.

Father Gabriel welcomes Mr Edison onboard as Head Teacher @ SBM School

The pupils were all very excited to return to school, for many this is the one meal they receive daily and they crave knowledge as the realise education is the one way to escape the poverty they witness daily in their lives. Our PP1 pupils have all settled in well and are enjoying their new daily routine.

St Bernadette Mary School Photo 2019

We were very lucky to have some volunteers during this first term, one was a familiar face, Domi McDonald who has visited the school before. This time Domi was accompanied by her husband Peter and we really appreciated their input during the three month period they were here.

Domi assisting with the lessons

As the first term grows to an end we are very happy to see so many smiling faces, all the pupils and staff have welcomed the new management team and with Madam Dorothy looking after the administration of the school we know it is all in very safe hands

Madam Odelia, Mr Jairus, Mr Edison & Madam Dorothy – Our “A’ Team

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