2019 has been a very busy year so far for our Rudia Sodo team. Under the tutelage of Valentine & Kahindi the industrious girls continue to make high quality reusable Sanitary kits. These seamstresses now are bringing a salary into their homes and as a result are no longer viewed as potential brides in exchange for a dowry and an arranged marriage. They are happy confident young ladies who enjoy coming to work each day.

So far in 2019 they have made 424 kits which are in high demand, the kits consist of one bag, two protective shields, eight absorbent liners, two pairs of underwear, a secure bag for soiled liners and soap & flannel. Our first group of girls to receive the Rudia Sodo kits were 35 pupils from SBM School who have recently started their periods.

We have also been busy making and donating kits to Kireme Primary School which is located in Bomani Village, unlike SBM School there are very little resources at this school. The school has grown in number with 1042 girls attending but all live in very poor households so sanitary protection is usually old newspapers or tree leaves.

In March we visited with Domi who was volunteering at The GLO, she was amazed at the amount of girls without any means of sanitary protection who struggle each month. The girls were all very interested in the presentation where Valentine showed them how the kit is used, all were asking for kits.

Unfortunately on that occasion we only had 114 kits to donate but have since returned this month with a further 148 kits, all the girls were overjoyed to receive them. The Head Teacher Mr Ngala appreciated the donations as he is aware that the girls cannot attend school during their periods without protection.

A special word of thanks to Carrie Grubb, without your ongoing support for this project we would not be able to employ our seamstresses and donate the Rudia Sodo kits to these needy girls. So far this year we have donated 297 kits, by the end of the year we will have enabled at least a further 700 girls with the means so they can attend school throughout the month without worry, together we are making a difference.

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