In March 2015 we admitted two children, Shainuru and Nuru from Kikambala Rescue Centre. Sadly the children’s father had died and their mother could not deal with the responsibility of two children on her own so abandoned the children.

Now four years later Shainuru is a quiet 8 year old girl whilst Nuru is a talkative confident 7 year old boy.

They settled into life in O’Malley House quickly with Nuru keeping us all entertained with his tales, dancing and complimenting everyone with a cheeky smile. Shainuru on the other hand was quiet and a serious young girl who loved playing with dolls.

After their mother resurfaced last year and with the guidance of her sister she was very keen to be reunited with her children. Our team at The GLO made lengthy assessments and arranged bonding sessions to ensure that the environment was suitable for them to be reintegrated back into the community.

We quickly saw that there was a strong family network on-hand to support the children and their mother, their eldest brother and cousins all enjoy a good relationship with Shainuru & Nuru. It was then decided that they should return to living with their mother and extended family.

Both Shainuru and Nuru’s sponsors agreed to continue supporting them after their were reintegrated back into the community which made a big difference. Although their family are very supportive they are also very poor so thanks to this continued sponsorship both have joined the nearby Bahari Primary School and have settle in immediately.

In April Fraire and Haley the volunteer visited their home for a quarterly check-up and to give Nuru & Shainuru their gifts from their sponsors, they were greeted warmly and the children were eager to share stories of their new life. It was heartwarming to see how they have formed a strong bond with their cousins and other family members.

Both children continue to enjoy life back in the village, they are working hard at school and flourishing, both are happy and we will continue to support and monitor them to ensure they are ok as they adapt to life outside The GLO.

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