Here at SBM school we teach the children how to operate a computer and be productive when it comes to typing (use of Office Suite), sending and receiving Emails and how to use the internet as a learning resource.

Apart from that we also use the lab to supplement what is learnt in the classroom making learning more practical, fulfilling and exciting through the use of educational software like the GCOMPRIS, Educational Videos and PowerPoint presentations.

The lab is also used by teachers to teach some of their lessons in form of PowerPoint presentation. The kids love and enjoy this very much and I always feel like they grasp more than when they are in class. Some teachers also come to the lab at times to do research on the subjects they are teaching and this is helpful when the information they are looking for can only be found on the internet and not in the text books.

One day I asked a student why he liked computer classes and he told me, “It makes me think differently.” In schools with limited resources, children have few hands-on learning experiences, and a call-response style of teaching is common. The computer lab provides hands-on problem solving as students figure out how to complete a task. This creative problem solving encourages thinking in new ways for many of the children, and they love it.

Since joining SBM School as the IT Teacher I have seen first hand just what a difference having our state-of-the arts computer laboratory makes to our pupils. We are very proud to be a leader in this field of education in Kilifi County.

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