At the start of 2019 academic year at St Bernadette Mary School, Fraire our Social Worker chose to share the stories of three children who were lucky enough to join PP1 Class. Like the majority of our pupils they came from poor families, education is their only escape route from the circle of poverty.

Mary Mudi is a girl child aged approximately 4 years old the third child in a family of four children. Mary’s mother Asia is physically challenged as a result of a snake (puff udder) bite to her leg when she was 6 years old. She finally ended up having the leg amputated.
Due to financial circumstances Mary’s two eldest sisters live with their auntie, her mother works as a hairdresser in the village earning about 3000kes per month which equates to approximately £21/ €20.
Attending SBM School has been a godsend for Mary and she loves coming to school.

Juliet is four years old with five siblings, her parents Kelvin & Halima Nyamawi are hardworking but have jobs which are not very well paid. They are trying to finish building their house in coral blocks but the circumstances so not stop the family from being positive.

Getting into SBM School is a great opportunity for Juliet and her parents are so keen that she does well in her studies. They are very supportive and we can be sure of Juliet’s smiling face everyday at school.

Brian is four years old, born to his mother who was only sixteen years old at the time of his birth. She has just completed her K.P.S.E examinations and hopefully will find a suitable job now.

At the minute Brian’s grandmother is the bread winner in the family by doing casual labour in peoples farms for very little money. She has four more children to look after but Brian is a happy boy in spite of all the hurdles the family face on a daily basis.

Having SBM School in the vicinity means access to a good standard of free education that these children & their parents could only dream about. Watching the children entering through the school gate daily is a joy to behold as they soon learn just how important attending school is to every child.

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