The run-up to exam season is a tense time. Students and teachers clock up extra hours as the revision timetable takes hold. . Most of the students approach their term finals which cover everything they’ve learned since the beginning of their primary school studies with relaxed optimism. But when you mention K.C.P.E. the candidates respond with the unusual combination of nervousness, exasperation and confidence.

As we type this blog update Kenyan students are sitting for a final examination that covers all 8 years, the K.C.P.E (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) exam. It is an enormous cumulative test that is delivered over a stretch of almost one week. The grade a student gets on this test determines if he/she can attend high school and what kind of school.

Our Class 8’s are among the 1,088,986 candidates who are sitting this year’s KCPE examinations. All the students and teachers have prepared to ensure success of SBM’S graduating class. Zachariah Sande, one of our candidates, said “If I do well in the KCPE, then I stand a better chance of getting into a national school, a University and then I get a good job and help my community. Zachariah also was the worthy winner of of SBM Spirit Award earlier this month, he was a little shell shocked when Mama Mary made the announcement.

Despite the competitiveness of the exam, the learning curve protracted in SBM school is designed to emphasise the significance of developing skills and knowledge and also applying those in real life situations, including critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

We have adopted healthy quality revision techniques that build a candidate’s confidence and keep them motivated, Positive mindset, hard work and optimism brings success.

All the best 2019 SBM class & not forgetting our students from The GLO Family, this is your time to shine !!