As we draw to the end of 2019 and the decade we look back with fond memories, The Good Life Orphanage has been and continues to be a place of security, love & compassion. The babies who came in through our gates over the past ten years are growing up so quickly, five of our children are now at high school with another five joining them in January 2020.

Christmas is a time when we all come together and celebrate the birth of Jesus, a special meal is made and then we cut the cake. For many of the children the highlight of the day is going to Mass but for others its receiving their present, we will not mention names !!

This year we were graced to have Dorothy, the administrator from SBM School, celebrate Christmas with us all, the children were so happy for her to be with us. After the presents are given out to both staff and children it was time for games and some singing, everyone joined in.

Then on St. Stephen’s Days Elvis and Joshua were baptised and at the same time received their 1st Holy Communion whilst Angel, Melissa, Victor and Brian received their 1st Holy Communion. This was a very special day for all the children and their care givers as they celebrated at the Infant Jesus Catholic Church in Mtwapa.

The children all looked so smart and had a wonderful afternoon after Mass when they had sodas and cake as a special treat. Our children receive spiritual guidance but it is their own choice to be baptised in whatever religion they choose.

We are very grateful for the continued support from all our generous donors, it is very much appreciated. Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and Peace & Prosperity in 2020. Asante Sana

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