It was such a bright day the sun shone beautifully.  All my fellow children were very happy and eager to see how the day would progress. We were smiling appreciatively. Even the small kids were giving an ear to ear smile. We had prepared for ourselves fully everyone had packed his/her swimming attire in the rack packs ready for the journey.

We all waited for lunch whereby it was prepared by our caregivers. We ate pilau which was served with salad it was very delicious we all satisfied. Finally, the most awaited moment arrived two vans arrived we boarded the vans and off we went to the beach, we cracked jokes and cracked our ribs with laughter in the van. We really enjoyed our journey. We safely reached our destination to Kenya Bay Beach. We were hit by a cool breeze from the beach which sent a good mood to most of us.

We dashed to the beach and swam happily we did some little sports from the beach we competed in running, playing football, volleyball and tennis it was such a fun moment. An hour later, we were called out of the waters so that we could have some snacks. These included crisps, biscuits, juice, milk and sweets. We all ate happily and we returned back to the waters so we could continue swimming.

It was lovely having Uncle Fraire teaching some of us especially the small boys how to swim. Around 5.00 pm we changed our swimming costumes and boarded the van and we came back home. It was also nice to have Saidi Jiwe swimming together for the first time since I knew him. It was such a beautiful day to remember.

Thanks to Mama Sheila for her generosity and all who participated in preparing that such beautiful treat.I can’t forget all the caregivers who always kept a close eye on us.

 May God bless you all.

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